Organic Carrots and Cancer

organic carrots


  • 2 kilos of organic carrots
  • about 1″ fresh ginger root

I have to give a shout out to the amazing people at Riverford who deliver our organic carrots every Wednesday on the dot… It saves the hassle of searching for supermarkets who have them in stock (not easy when you need 14 kilos a week!)

I remembered an uncle curing his cancer with carrot juice. I had no idea how it worked back then…

The day before Emma’s first chemo I knew that I had to physically DO something or I was going to go mad!

My sister (Karen) turned up with her juicer and we went shopping for organic carrots.  

I knew, from somewhere in the recesses of my mind, that it had to be 2 kilos of carroProduct Detailsts.

I began juicing 2 kilos of organic carrots with about an inch of fresh ginger root. This amount makes about a wine bottle full (750 ml) of juice, depending on your juicer. We had to buy a new one on Saturday as the one I borrowed off my sister blew up in  a puff of smoke. It served us well! So, I’m getting used to the new juicer, will let you know what I think. It’s a Jason Vale one that comes with an awesome recipe book: The Funky Fresh Juice Book.

Emma drinks 1/3 of the juice with a smoothie for breakfast, 1/3 with lunch and the remainder at dinner time, or before she goes to bed if she forgets. 🙂

I felt intuitively that fresh ginger root would be a good addition. I’ve read a lot about the curative effects of ginger and will add them as I get to it. 🙂

I’ve since researched the studies on carrot juice’s effectiveness in dealing with cancer, along with numerous testimonials from people who are now cancer-free after following this programme/protocol.

The effective ingredient in the carrots is falcarinol, which has been proved effective against cancer in lab experiments with rats and mice done in Denmark and the UK. Using carrots or falcarinol, Dr. Kirsten Brandt and colleagues in the UK have retarded by a third the growth of tumors in lab rats injected with a carcinogen.

Falcarinol is a natural pesticide in carrots. It protects roots from fungal diseases, such as liquorice rot that causes black spots on the roots during storage.

Dr Brandt suggests drinking 5 cups of carrot juice daily.  I couldn’t find that info in writing but I just heard it on a radio programme where a lady called Ann Cameron was being interviewed. She’s written a book called Curing Cancer with Carrots.I’ve downloaded onto Kindle but haven’t had chance to read it yet… it’s on my list!

Carrots have anti-inflammatory properties.  Cancer creates inflammation and the inflammation stimulates more cancer. It’s a vicious cycle. The falcarinol in carrot juice interrupts this cycle, which can stop the cancer.

“We could also expand our research to include other vegetables. For consumers, it may soon no longer be a case of advising them to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day but to eat particular types of these in certain quantities. The research could also lead to more tailored advice for growers regarding the methods they should use when growing vegetables.”

Dr Kirsten Brandt

There’s a lot of info out there on the worldwide web right now about people being cured from cancer using natural methods. Have fun surfing….. x

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