Spending Time in Nature

I read an article on Oprah’s website the other day about spending time in nature. It listed 5 (research backed) ways to boost your health by going outside:

  1. Reap while you sow – symptoms of depression are reduced whilst gardening
  1. Exercise in the open air – people who walk on an outdoor track move at a faster pace compared to those who walk on an indoor treadmill
  1. Notice the scenery – just looking at a natural scene activates the part of the waterfallbrain associated with balance, happiness and recollection of happy memories
  1. Evaporate depression – negative ions found near waterfalls, breaking waves and river rapids can act as natural antidepressants
  1. Walk in the woods – according to the Japanese shinrin-yoku or forest bathing does wonderful things for your body

These were taken from a book called ‘Your Brain on Nature’ that I’ve just downloaded on my Kindle app so I can read the science behind the claims. When I’ve read it I’ll let you know…


There is however, lots of research on the internet about Earthing or Grounding. I’m going to give you all the science in my upcoming book, but I wanted to share the basics with you here so you can try it out for yourself.

Earthing is basically walking on the earth barefoot on sand, soil, or grass, the natural crust of the earth in whatever form that takes – I wouldn’t recommend concrete! I’ve been walking barefoot outside since I was really young. I now know why it’s good for me!

How does it work?

On the balls of your feet there are specific points that naturally receive electrical impulses from the earth as you stand or walk outside barefoot. Your skin acts as a conductor as your body absorbs these electrical charges.

The organs of your body rely on these impulses which help to reduce stress and inflammation that would otherwise cause dis-ease. They also help your body’s circulation, boost energy levels and reduce sweating!

Earthing also normalises the body’s natural circadian rhythm and improves sleep.

Ways to Earth your bodyhappy-in-field-for-web3-600x400

  • Mow the lawn barefoot
  • Do your gardening barefoot
  • Walk barefoot around your garden
  • Lie directly onto the sand on the beach instead of using a chair or sun-bed
  • Go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or in your local park

30 minutes a day barefoot outside in the garden, on the beach or in a forest will help to improve your body’s natural healing abilities, along with helping to build up your own vitamin D supply!

And the absolute best thing about it is it’s completely FREE!

More soon…

Sue x

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