The Truth about Emma’s Cancer

You know when you wake up with something on your mind that just won’t go away?? Well, this is on my mind and I just have to share it…

Chemo is NOT the only answer when you are told that you have cancer. In fact, chemo is very BIG BUSINESS in the CANCER INDUSTRY.

When I found out that Emma had cancer in her breast, lymph, liver and lungs I didn’t stop until I researched what other alternatives were available naturally. Unfortunately, she had chosen (along with her then partner) to sign on the dotted line and committed to having chemo. Not just any old chemo, but a chemo that we later found out was a trial that would send the cancer to her brain.

Nevertheless, Emma also agreed to let me try the NATURAL approach alongside the poison that was being pumped into her body. I moved into their spare room to support her and take care of the children. Terri, (Emma’s youngest sister) turned up from Bulgaria the day the chemo began, to help me support Emma and her children – even though her partner did not want her in their home. Danni also wanted to be there to offer support, but Emma’s partner refused to allow anyone else to stay.

I remembered an ‘uncle’ (family friend) using CARROT JUICE and curing his cancer many years previously, so I started there. I couldn’t afford it myself, so my sister paid for a week’s worth of organic carrots at a time: 2 kilos a day – juiced. That’s where we started…

I was then introduced to ESSIAC TEA. I found a lovely organization called The Clouds Trust, who send you enough herbs to make a month’s worth of tea on a donation basis. Again, my sister paid for this.

During the nights, as Emma slept, I searched and researched the internet. I discovered that the liver needs support as the body is being detoxed of the cancer cells. So, I added 2 capsules of MILK THISTLE to her carrot juice every day.

So, that was all I did for the first few weeks. It was enough to begin with.

At the same time, Emma stopped having sugar in any form, because I found out from an amazing organization called THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER that SUGAR ACTUALLY FEEDS CANCER!

Within 6 WEEKS of doing this I went with her to see her oncologist who was besideherself when she examined Emma and couldn’t find the 5 cm lump in her breast. She must have said ‘WOW!’ at least 5 times. She also said that the rest of the cancer was DISSOLVING. She did NOT attribute this to the chemo. Instead, in front of witnesses she turned to me and said “please continue to do whatever you are doing!” So I did…

anyone can love you

In the meantime, we moved back to Plymouth because Emma asked us to bring her home. Emma’s partner decided not to join her, on top of everything else she had massive heartbreak to deal with. As well as this, her father blamed her for leaving him when he had moved her closer to where he lives 2 years previously, so Emma also had a lot of blame and self-worth issues to deal with. (I’m adding this for a reason, it’s important for survival of cancer).

We moved back in March 2015. That was only 2 months after Emma was told that she was going to die.

Four months later, in July 2015, Emma’s oncologist allowed us to look at her scans. The cancer had gone from her breast, lymph, lungs and there was only a wisp left in her liver. We compared the liver scan to her first one where you couldn’t see anything but cancer…

Emma didn’t continue with the chemo because her body couldn’t cope with the massive doses that were pumped into her. In fact, after the first bout her hair fell out and she was hospitalised for 10 days and we were told that she might not even leave hospital because it had affected her so badly. At the time she was in a dingy, dark, tiny side room and her white blood cell count went down to 0. Even after being injected daily with whatever it is cancer patients are given when this happens her body did not respond. It was during this week that Danni turned up anyway because you just can’t

The room with a view…

keep sisters as close as my daughters apart when one of them needs help…

A room at the end of the corridor came free and Emma was moved. This room had big windows, where Emma could see grass and trees and the sky – and the kids as they played outside and pulled faces at the windows… within a day her white blood cell count rocketed back to normal!!! Soon after this she was sent home with a hospital bed…

As I am writing this I am highlighting facts that are very important for people who have been diagnosed with cancer to take note of.

I believe the reason why I have been urged to write this particular blog is this:

When being diagnosed with cancer it is SO IMPORTANT (in no particular order) to:

  • have a loving and supportive community of people around you, whether that’s family, friends or health professionals, who are working together for a positive outcome
  • feel loved: surround yourself with family members and friends who love you unconditionally, who YOU want to spend time with
  • say no to people who make you feel down, bad, negative…. Don’t waste your time with people who do not have your best interests at heart
  • spend time in nature; be able to see the sky, the sun and flowers outside your window; have beautiful flowers and plants in your home and bedroom
  • see and hear your children playing and laughing, and laugh with them
  • stop eating food that is making you sick! Take control of what you are feeding your body
  • Give your body what it needs to support your well-being
  • know that you have choices
  • listen to uplifting music
  • watch funny, uplifting movies
  • tell people how much you love them and what you would like them to do for you
  • make goals for the future – have something to live for and look forward to
  • surround yourself with beautiful colours, YOUR favourite colours
  • surround yourself with uplifting natural aromas (Essential oils in an aroma diffuser or oil burner)
  • DO things that YOU enjoy and do More of what makes you feel good
  • be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life right now
  • write a journal; record your feelings; write cards or letters to the people you love telling them how you feel and how much they mean to you
  • follow your GUT feelings – your innate intuition is guiding you
  • find a way that suits you to bring suppressed emotions into balance

I could go on, but that will be in my book. I will give you all the facts and figures, the reasons and the science behind everything I have placed in that list.

I just want you to know that YOU have choices……

Not everyone knew that Emma had learning difficulties, that there were ways that she needed to help her understand what was happening to her. Simple ways. God, I loved her so much… and I can’t go on with all this information and knowledge in my head and my heart without sharing it. How could I do that?!

When Emma had her scan that showed the cancer had migrated to her brain, and that it was too late to do anything with it (even though we never stopped trying), she asked her oncologist “Why has it gone to my brain?” His reply in a room full of five people was “the chemo sent it there”.  The trial chemo sent it there…..

It was a very aggressive form of cancer, that we couldn’t have known about because no-one was monitoring her brain, even though it’s a fact in the medical community that this happens.

The thing that gets me is this….

Because of the way her heart had been broken, and the fact that her faPut-your-thoughts-to-sleepther was never approving of her, he always felt let down by her, and that was the last conversation he had with her, telling her that. Because of this, Emma believed that she wasn’t good enough. She couldn’t get those thoughts off her mind. And that’s what gets me, and that’s what spurs me on. I believe, that if Emma could have found a way to reconcile those thoughts and beliefs she might have had a chance of recovering. It may be a pipe dream, but I’m following my gut instinct on this one, and that will be what keeps me going…. And I will certainly share my findings with you.

I’m back, and I’ll share with you again soon.

Much Love

Sue x



12 thoughts on “The Truth about Emma’s Cancer

  1. Thank you for sharing this Sue❤ I hope this helps lots of people out there who are considering chemo. It is too late for us as we lost our wonderful 32 year old Son Andrew to cancer on the 16th Feb 2017. His cancer seemed to spread like wild fire after having a duel Immunotherapy…I wish to God we had gone the alternative route! Wishing you good luck in everything you do…keep up your good work! Sent with love from Pauline Turner xxx


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