In the Arms of the Angels….

Today is a magical day, even the astrology says so… My friend Alison Chester-Lambert  alerted me to this fact this morning.

Was it only Friday when I spoke to Dave in Tamworth who offered to create an event to send healing/love/prayers to Emma? (Where has the weekend gone?) We randomly chose 11:11 am, which is less than 3 hours away as I write this.

So many people around the world have joined this circle and will be with us between 11:00-11:30 to radiate this beam of Love to Emma.

Over the last few days in particular Emma has been in so much pain that it’s really hurting  us to breathe – to watch what’s happening to her…. and she is being so ‘Emma’- so brave….

Last night in a very clear and lucid moment she asked to speak to Danni and myself to allow her to get some things off her chest that had been really troubling her… stuff that she shouldn’t have to carry on her shoulders, burdens that others had put there… but she has, because that’s what she does. She told us all about her ‘special day’ and what it should look and feel like. She also shared that she wished she could have had her wedding day, but didn’t get round to it this time. I told her to make sure she comes back as a princess next time and have it all…she certainly deserves it!

So today, let’s make use of this amazing energy in the skies that is aligning perfectly for Emma. This magical portal is either going to take her home or bring her back healed, whichever way it goes she is so definitely being held by Angels right now.

Please listen to Lee Harris’s version of ‘Angel’ at 11:11 and send your love on that magical wave that is surrounding Emma.

So much Love

Sue x


4 thoughts on “In the Arms of the Angels….

  1. Hi sue,
    Sending all our love and thoughts to Emma and all your family.
    And to the 2 little ones.
    Words I am stuck for at the moment.
    Kind regards


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