What is Cancer?



I have to say a BIG! Thank You to everyone who shared my blog yesterday. It’s already reached around the world to over 1,000 people. Thank You so much. We just don’t know who this information is going to help?

I recently listened to an 11 day seminar headed by Ty bollinger in the USA called ‘The Truth About Cancer’ (TTAC for short). I am still wading through the information provided that is up to the minute and relevant, unlike the information that we received when we visited Emma’s oncologist, who told us he knows nothing about nutrition as it’s not his expertise.

Ty travels the world to speak to many doctors, experts in this field. Each day as I review more of this information I will relate it to you as I understand it.

So, What is Cancer?

A body is made up of 50/60/70 trillion cells. Those cells grow and die every day. You will lose over a million cells in a second. A second later they regrow.

cells dividing

Normally, a cell multiplies until it becomes what it is designed to be e.g.  liver cells multiply until they are the size of a liver and then they stop. They have an automatic cut-off switch, or a built in regulator that stops the cells from growing beyond a certain number.

In cancer cells the regulator has been switched off and the cells just keep on multiplying. They resist dying. This is called apoptosis. 

Cancer cells absorb sugar better than normal cells – they feed off sugar! They suck up everything around them, so that people with cancer actually die of starvation.

The normal person on the street would probably say that cancer is a tumor, a lump or a bump. If that was so, removing the lump would remove the cancer. So why do so many people hear ‘we’re sorry, it’s back?’

The truth is cancer is a symptom, not the problem.

Cancer is the light flashing on a car dashboard, warning you that something is wrong! You can’t cut out the cancer, or the ‘lump’ and expect to be healthy, the underlying problem is still there.

Every symptom is the body doing the right thing at the right time!!!

Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a doctor who became so frustrated with the standard of care in his day, gave up his medical practice to become a homeopath, had a favourite quote:

‘the symptom is a healing gesture. The body is no dummy. If the body is doing something it is probably a wise thing.”

If there is a symptom, the body needs to pay attention! And cancer can be seen as a healing gesture. It is always a symptom of other diseases or imbalances. Unless you change your behaviour the cancer will manifest somewhere else. (Dr Bradford Weeks)

What we need to know is ‘Why are the cancer cells there?’ and ‘Why haven’t those cells gone away?’

According to Dr Charles Majors research shows that we all get cancer every day, between 5,000, 10,000, as much as 20,000 cells show up every day. We have an Immune System that takes control!

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby adds “Cancer is not some alien thing that was dumped in your body from a spaceship or something. It is you. And it is your body kind of gone a bit wrong… if you fixed things your body will restore itself.”

The Immune System plays a major role in preventing disease. It is your first line of defense against pathogens (the bad guys) that come in and try to invade your body and make you sick.

Dr Rashir Buttar says “cancer first and foremost is a problem with the immune system. You cannot have cancer if you have an intact immune system. If you have cancer, you have to have by definition a compromised immune system.

Cancer and an intact immune system can not live together!!!

So why isn’t the first sentence out of an oncologist’s mouth upon hearing that someone has cancer “?Let’s take a look at your immune system???”

Dr Sunil Pai states that “with cancer, or any other kind of chronic disease it’s always about lowering inflammation and improving and increasing immune system response because your immune system has to fight, fix and repair against anything…. it’s not just about suppression it’s about strengthening.”

Dr Bradford Weeks says “if it’s functioning well, it’s job is to enhance health and promote detoxification.”

It seems that the Immune System is next on the list… x

Sources of Reference:

The Truth About Cancer: educate,expose, eradicate – Transcripts from the complete 11 episodes from ‘The Quest for the Cures…. continues’ by Ty Bollinger 2014

Morning Metabolism Boost: Honey, Lemon & Ginger with Green Tea

honey lemon n ginger


Today I want to share our morning ritual with you.

As soon as I wake up I put the kettle on (filtered water*). Then I squeeze a fresh lemon with my handy little lemon juicer (just like this one).

lemon juicerI pour the juice into my teapot and slice 2 or 3 slices of fresh ginger root and add them to the pot. I also add an organic Green Tea bag.

Once the mixture has been allowed to steep for a while I pour it into our mugs and add a spoonful of local (if possible) raw honey. Make yourself a pot and Enjoy!

At some point I will add the info for each of the ingredients highlighted above on why they are good for you to begin your day, especially if you are also dancing with the Big ‘C’.

What’s really important here is for you is to build up your Immune System, and to do that you need to check out your ph balance. I can already hear some of you asking “what’s my ph balance?” 

this is a balance between the alkaline and acid within your body

Basically, your body’s natural ph balance is around 7.3/7.4. I can guarantee yours is lower than that if you have cancer! Why? Because cancer can only live in an acidic environment, and when your ph level is lower than 7.3/7.4 you have an acidic environment in your body…..

How can you find out what your ph balance is?

Buy some ph strips:


I like these from Energize for Life.

Just pee on a strip first thing in the morning and wait for 30 seconds. I’ve found these to be the most reliable so far. Please let me know if you find out anything different?

It’s really good for you to have a marker to go by, and testing your ph level is a really good way to put a smile on your face as your alkalinity level goes up and up as you become more aware of your body’s needs.

We pee on a strip about once every week or two now, just to ensure that we’re keeping on track….

Off to do some research for you on the reasons why this is such a good boost for you every morning! Back soon… x

*If you don’t have a water filter, please do yourself a big favour and treat yourself! I got mine from Wilkinson’s for £7.00.

Welcome to Dancing with the Big ‘C’!


This beautiful image is a breast cancer cell seen through an electron microscope.

Photograph: Science Photo Library Science source/Science photo library


My name is Sue Fraser. I have 3 daughters. On December 23 2014 I learned that my eldest daughter Emma had been diagnosed with breast cancer…

I can’t think of a worse Christmas present for anyone who has a child. You can imagine how the season of goodwill suddenly became null and void for my family..

On 16 January 2015, after further tests it was found that the cancer had metastacised (spread) to Emma’s liver and lungs and was also in her lymph. It was now stage 4 and classed as terminal cancer.

Emma chose to have chemo. To be honest I believe that when someone is diagnosed with cancer they should have a cooling off period before being ‘offered’ chemotherapy.

So as a mum, my first instinct was to protect my child. Much to her partner’s (at the time) irritation I moved into their spare room the day before her chemo started to help take care of Emma, my two grandchildren and their home.

I borrowed a juicer from my sister, who bought the first of the organic carrots that has become part of the daily staple (more about that later). We also ordered some Essiac Tea and I made the first brew.

tea organic carrots

The reason I am writing this blog is to help anyone else who wonders what the heck they should do next after being diagnosed with the Big ‘C’, especially if the chemo route isn’t too appealing to you but you’re not sure what the alternatives are?

Why? Because as of the end of April 2015, the following had happened:

  • By March 10th 2015 Emma had 3 cycles of chemo, then decided she couldn’t cope with any more
  • On 6th March, after only 2 blasts of chemo and lots of organic carrot juice and Essiac tea we went to see Emma’s oncologist in Burton who told us that the cancer in her breast had ‘disappeared’! She was amazed and couldn’t stop repeating ‘Wow!’ Emma had another scan the following week.
  • Emma wanted to go ‘home’ so I moved with her and the children back to Plymouth on 21st March 2015 (my birthday). The day before we moved we got to see the oncologist in Burton for the last time, she informed us that the cancer in her breast had indeed disappeared and the rest was ‘melting away‘!
  • We have had juices, smoothies and Essiac Tea along with other natural goodies every day since 26th January 2015
  • I have been on an ongoing learning journey about the Big ‘C’ ever since, and still am…
  • We met Emma’s new oncologist on 23rd March 2015, he wanted Emma to continue with chemo, but she chose not to so he gave her 6 weeks to go away and settle in and have a rest from the toxins.

At the end of April 2015 both Danni (Emma’s sister) and I accompanied Em to her next appointment. Her oncologist tried his best to get her to resume chemo, but Emma is still adamant that she prefers quality of life to having poison pumped through her veins. We asked about the cancer and how it was doing, eventually the doctor showed us her scans – both the previous ones and the current ones. (I will post them if he lets me have a copy of them in the future). In his words the cancer is ‘practically gone’!

At the March 23rd appointment Emma’s oncologist said if she didn’t continue with the chemo the cancer would come back more aggressively than before, she was so brave at the time and determined not to let him talk her into more chemo. After the first session she spent 10 days in hospital with as many side effects as she could possibly have, including all her hair falling out after the first blast! She chose not to go through any more of that.

I’m not going to go into the whole story here, I want this to be more of a ‘Tips’ blog, passing on the information that has helped Emma to bring her body back into balance by removing the toxins in all areas of her life.

I aim to provide you with recipes and tips that we are using every day that are working for us. If you have any that you would like us to share, please let me know!

I don’t know all the answers yet, but I have done a fair amount of research since 23 December and I am writing a book about our story. If you  have any questions that we might be able to help you with on your own journey with cancer, please ask. If we can help, we will. If not, I will point you in the best direction.

Until next time….

Sue x