Monthly Meetup for Dancing with the Big C


Our first monthly meetup will be held at The Workshop in Plymouth, a beautiful workshop venue at The Wedding Hub, run by my daughter Danielle Donnelly. The address is 20 Waterloo Street, Plymouth PL1 5RS. The cost is £10 per person.

Date will be 12th August 2015 between 1pm – 3.30pm.

If you would prefer an evening meetup please let me know?

I look forward to sharing with you! x

A quick update!

This meetup is only a day away, please be sure to share the information with anyone you know who is experiencing their own dance with cancer right now who lives in Plymouth or the surrounding area of the UK.

I would love to travel further afield to share the information I have learnt whilst helping Emma to return her body to a natural state of balance, eliminating her cancer in the process. If you have a local venue where you could get people together please let me know, or if you belong to a group that would love to hear this information, please get in touch.x

Dancing with the Big 'C'

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Would you like to join us for a monthly meetup in Plymouth  to try out recipes that are full of goodies that are GOOD for you, to help build up your immune system to support you through this process of dancing with cancer?

You will get to meet and share ideas with other Big C dancers and their supporters.

I will be providing you with Recipes and Tips to try out for yourself, to see what works for you.

More news coming up on our start date to be added soon. Please let me know if you are interested.

I’m thinking 3 hours during the day for a cost of £10. Refreshments will be included.

Looking forward to meeting you!

If there any topics you specifically want addressed just let me know. x

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