Morning Metabolism Boost: Honey, Lemon & Ginger with Green Tea

honey lemon n ginger


Today I want to share our morning ritual with you.

As soon as I wake up I put the kettle on (filtered water*). Then I squeeze a fresh lemon with my handy little lemon juicer (just like this one).

lemon juicerI pour the juice into my teapot and slice 2 or 3 slices of fresh ginger root and add them to the pot. I also add an organic Green Tea bag.

Once the mixture has been allowed to steep for a while I pour it into our mugs and add a spoonful of local (if possible) raw honey. Make yourself a pot and Enjoy!

At some point I will add the info for each of the ingredients highlighted above on why they are good for you to begin your day, especially if you are also dancing with the Big ‘C’.

What’s really important here is for you is to build up your Immune System, and to do that you need to check out your ph balance. I can already hear some of you asking “what’s my ph balance?” 

this is a balance between the alkaline and acid within your body

Basically, your body’s natural ph balance is around 7.3/7.4. I can guarantee yours is lower than that if you have cancer! Why? Because cancer can only live in an acidic environment, and when your ph level is lower than 7.3/7.4 you have an acidic environment in your body…..

How can you find out what your ph balance is?

Buy some ph strips:


I like these from Energize for Life.

Just pee on a strip first thing in the morning and wait for 30 seconds. I’ve found these to be the most reliable so far. Please let me know if you find out anything different?

It’s really good for you to have a marker to go by, and testing your ph level is a really good way to put a smile on your face as your alkalinity level goes up and up as you become more aware of your body’s needs.

We pee on a strip about once every week or two now, just to ensure that we’re keeping on track….

Off to do some research for you on the reasons why this is such a good boost for you every morning! Back soon… x

*If you don’t have a water filter, please do yourself a big favour and treat yourself! I got mine from Wilkinson’s for £7.00.

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