Spending Time in Nature

I read an article on Oprah’s website the other day about spending time in nature. It listed 5 (research backed) ways to boost your health by going outside:

  1. Reap while you sow – symptoms of depression are reduced whilst gardening
  1. Exercise in the open air – people who walk on an outdoor track move at a faster pace compared to those who walk on an indoor treadmill
  1. Notice the scenery – just looking at a natural scene activates the part of the waterfallbrain associated with balance, happiness and recollection of happy memories
  1. Evaporate depression – negative ions found near waterfalls, breaking waves and river rapids can act as natural antidepressants
  1. Walk in the woods – according to the Japanese shinrin-yoku or forest bathing does wonderful things for your body

These were taken from a book called ‘Your Brain on Nature’ that I’ve just downloaded on my Kindle app so I can read the science behind the claims. When I’ve read it I’ll let you know…


There is however, lots of research on the internet about Earthing or Grounding. I’m going to give you all the science in my upcoming book, but I wanted to share the basics with you here so you can try it out for yourself.

Earthing is basically walking on the earth barefoot on sand, soil, or grass, the natural crust of the earth in whatever form that takes – I wouldn’t recommend concrete! I’ve been walking barefoot outside since I was really young. I now know why it’s good for me!

How does it work?

On the balls of your feet there are specific points that naturally receive electrical impulses from the earth as you stand or walk outside barefoot. Your skin acts as a conductor as your body absorbs these electrical charges.

The organs of your body rely on these impulses which help to reduce stress and inflammation that would otherwise cause dis-ease. They also help your body’s circulation, boost energy levels and reduce sweating!

Earthing also normalises the body’s natural circadian rhythm and improves sleep.

Ways to Earth your bodyhappy-in-field-for-web3-600x400

  • Mow the lawn barefoot
  • Do your gardening barefoot
  • Walk barefoot around your garden
  • Lie directly onto the sand on the beach instead of using a chair or sun-bed
  • Go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or in your local park

30 minutes a day barefoot outside in the garden, on the beach or in a forest will help to improve your body’s natural healing abilities, along with helping to build up your own vitamin D supply!

And the absolute best thing about it is it’s completely FREE!

More soon…

Sue x

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The Truth about Emma’s Cancer

You know when you wake up with something on your mind that just won’t go away?? Well, this is on my mind and I just have to share it…

Chemo is NOT the only answer when you are told that you have cancer. In fact, chemo is very BIG BUSINESS in the CANCER INDUSTRY.

When I found out that Emma had cancer in her breast, lymph, liver and lungs I didn’t stop until I researched what other alternatives were available naturally. Unfortunately, she had chosen (along with her then partner) to sign on the dotted line and committed to having chemo. Not just any old chemo, but a chemo that we later found out was a trial that would send the cancer to her brain.

Nevertheless, Emma also agreed to let me try the NATURAL approach alongside the poison that was being pumped into her body. I moved into their spare room to support her and take care of the children. Terri, (Emma’s youngest sister) turned up from Bulgaria the day the chemo began, to help me support Emma and her children – even though her partner did not want her in their home. Danni also wanted to be there to offer support, but Emma’s partner refused to allow anyone else to stay.

I remembered an ‘uncle’ (family friend) using CARROT JUICE and curing his cancer many years previously, so I started there. I couldn’t afford it myself, so my sister paid for a week’s worth of organic carrots at a time: 2 kilos a day – juiced. That’s where we started…

I was then introduced to ESSIAC TEA. I found a lovely organization called The Clouds Trust, who send you enough herbs to make a month’s worth of tea on a donation basis. Again, my sister paid for this.

During the nights, as Emma slept, I searched and researched the internet. I discovered that the liver needs support as the body is being detoxed of the cancer cells. So, I added 2 capsules of MILK THISTLE to her carrot juice every day.

So, that was all I did for the first few weeks. It was enough to begin with.

At the same time, Emma stopped having sugar in any form, because I found out from an amazing organization called THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER that SUGAR ACTUALLY FEEDS CANCER!

Within 6 WEEKS of doing this I went with her to see her oncologist who was besideherself when she examined Emma and couldn’t find the 5 cm lump in her breast. She must have said ‘WOW!’ at least 5 times. She also said that the rest of the cancer was DISSOLVING. She did NOT attribute this to the chemo. Instead, in front of witnesses she turned to me and said “please continue to do whatever you are doing!” So I did…

anyone can love you

In the meantime, we moved back to Plymouth because Emma asked us to bring her home. Emma’s partner decided not to join her, on top of everything else she had massive heartbreak to deal with. As well as this, her father blamed her for leaving him when he had moved her closer to where he lives 2 years previously, so Emma also had a lot of blame and self-worth issues to deal with. (I’m adding this for a reason, it’s important for survival of cancer).

We moved back in March 2015. That was only 2 months after Emma was told that she was going to die.

Four months later, in July 2015, Emma’s oncologist allowed us to look at her scans. The cancer had gone from her breast, lymph, lungs and there was only a wisp left in her liver. We compared the liver scan to her first one where you couldn’t see anything but cancer…

Emma didn’t continue with the chemo because her body couldn’t cope with the massive doses that were pumped into her. In fact, after the first bout her hair fell out and she was hospitalised for 10 days and we were told that she might not even leave hospital because it had affected her so badly. At the time she was in a dingy, dark, tiny side room and her white blood cell count went down to 0. Even after being injected daily with whatever it is cancer patients are given when this happens her body did not respond. It was during this week that Danni turned up anyway because you just can’t

The room with a view…

keep sisters as close as my daughters apart when one of them needs help…

A room at the end of the corridor came free and Emma was moved. This room had big windows, where Emma could see grass and trees and the sky – and the kids as they played outside and pulled faces at the windows… within a day her white blood cell count rocketed back to normal!!! Soon after this she was sent home with a hospital bed…

As I am writing this I am highlighting facts that are very important for people who have been diagnosed with cancer to take note of.

I believe the reason why I have been urged to write this particular blog is this:

When being diagnosed with cancer it is SO IMPORTANT (in no particular order) to:

  • have a loving and supportive community of people around you, whether that’s family, friends or health professionals, who are working together for a positive outcome
  • feel loved: surround yourself with family members and friends who love you unconditionally, who YOU want to spend time with
  • say no to people who make you feel down, bad, negative…. Don’t waste your time with people who do not have your best interests at heart
  • spend time in nature; be able to see the sky, the sun and flowers outside your window; have beautiful flowers and plants in your home and bedroom
  • see and hear your children playing and laughing, and laugh with them
  • stop eating food that is making you sick! Take control of what you are feeding your body
  • Give your body what it needs to support your well-being
  • know that you have choices
  • listen to uplifting music
  • watch funny, uplifting movies
  • tell people how much you love them and what you would like them to do for you
  • make goals for the future – have something to live for and look forward to
  • surround yourself with beautiful colours, YOUR favourite colours
  • surround yourself with uplifting natural aromas (Essential oils in an aroma diffuser or oil burner)
  • DO things that YOU enjoy and do More of what makes you feel good
  • be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life right now
  • write a journal; record your feelings; write cards or letters to the people you love telling them how you feel and how much they mean to you
  • follow your GUT feelings – your innate intuition is guiding you
  • find a way that suits you to bring suppressed emotions into balance

I could go on, but that will be in my book. I will give you all the facts and figures, the reasons and the science behind everything I have placed in that list.

I just want you to know that YOU have choices……

Not everyone knew that Emma had learning difficulties, that there were ways that she needed to help her understand what was happening to her. Simple ways. God, I loved her so much… and I can’t go on with all this information and knowledge in my head and my heart without sharing it. How could I do that?!

When Emma had her scan that showed the cancer had migrated to her brain, and that it was too late to do anything with it (even though we never stopped trying), she asked her oncologist “Why has it gone to my brain?” His reply in a room full of five people was “the chemo sent it there”.  The trial chemo sent it there…..

It was a very aggressive form of cancer, that we couldn’t have known about because no-one was monitoring her brain, even though it’s a fact in the medical community that this happens.

The thing that gets me is this….

Because of the way her heart had been broken, and the fact that her faPut-your-thoughts-to-sleepther was never approving of her, he always felt let down by her, and that was the last conversation he had with her, telling her that. Because of this, Emma believed that she wasn’t good enough. She couldn’t get those thoughts off her mind. And that’s what gets me, and that’s what spurs me on. I believe, that if Emma could have found a way to reconcile those thoughts and beliefs she might have had a chance of recovering. It may be a pipe dream, but I’m following my gut instinct on this one, and that will be what keeps me going…. And I will certainly share my findings with you.

I’m back, and I’ll share with you again soon.

Much Love

Sue x



Phoenix from the ashes…

Hi everyone,

I guess it’s time for me to get my act together.. I could never have guessed how hard thfullsizerender-1is would possibly be. Losing Emma has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to cope with in my entire life.

I apologise for the delay in writing this blog. I just didn’t have the heart to do it, and I don’t know how many attempts it will take me to do it now.

Primarily, I wish to thank everyone (around 100 people) for making the Celebration of Emma’s Life a beautiful memory at Yealmpton Woodland Burial Ground. Some of you traveled a heck of a long way to be with us. Thank you!

The sun shone, we listened to songs that we chose with Emma, and Danni and I shared poems and letters we wrote for Em. I had to record mine because I knew I wouldn’t be able to read them on the day. Terri picked a beautiful song by Bliss ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ as her tribute. (I’m listening to it as I’m writing these words).

Rupert and Claire from The Green Funeral Comp did a wonderful job taking care of Emma until we laid her to rest, and in organizing her big day. Thankyou both x

cherry-blossom-26-11-16We’ve been back to ‘Emma’s Flowerbed’ (as we’ve named it) a few times, to give it some tlc. I planted a white geranium while the weather was warmer, that was growing in a pot beside Emma’s bed while she was poorly. It’s doing nicely and beginning to spread a little. I hope it copes with the winter. On Saturday 26th November we went to the ‘tree planting’ day. Emily chose a cherry blossom to be planted beside her mum. It’s only a wee sapling right now, but I’m sure it will grow to be beautiful and fruitful.

Before Emma died, Danni and I had a conversation with her (whilst she could still talk – it got really difficult for her at the end) about what she would like on her big day. She resigned herself to never being married, something she had always dreamed of, and told us what she would  like us to do for her…. I think we did good, and I’m sure she would have loved it.

Thankfully, Terri made it in time to spend a couple of weeks with Em, and Emimg_8462ma got to meet her new nephew William. What a blessing that was.

Even back at the beginning of 2015 after Em had been given the news that she had cancer I believed she would find a way through this. So did she for a while. She totally changed her lifestyle and diet and the cancer that had riddled her breast, lymph, liver and lungs had dissolved. She was doing so well.

I can’t deny that I am really frustrated with the whole poisoning the body with chemo thing… and then not to be monitoring her brain! when her oncologist told us that it was the chemo that sent the cancer to her brain??? I still have a major problem getting my head around this. It’s such a waste of a young life. A total waste.

On Christmas Eve, it will be five months from the day Emma passphoenixed away. Five months without my daughter, and five months that Emily and Tom have been without their mum.

So, I guess it’s time….. for me to crawl out of these ashes and learn how to fly!  I’ve put all the sadness and frustration into doing what Emma would have wanted me to do. She believed I would make a difference, and I aim to do that with her guidance.

I have completed my Advanced Diet and Nutrition course, at last!, and I’ve almost completed an Inspired Leadership Branding course with Nick Williams. Thankyou Nick for your inspiration and friendship, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me through the last few weeks.

In the New Year (2017!!) I will begin offering consultations again. I will let you know when my new website is up and running to see if there is anything I can do to be of service to you.

In the meantime, Thankyou!

Sue x

Auction – Dream Wedding in Magical Cornwall

On 29th July 2016 a Dream Wedding will be auctioned off at Ocean Studios to raise funds for the treatments that Emma is currently undergoing.

To date, there are between £25-£30,000 worth of services being donated for this amazing package!!! (For a full detailed list click on this link)

Dates have now been set for the lucky couple to choose from:

Saturday 22 April 2017

Saturday 22 July 2017

or Saturday 23 September 2017

There will also be separate amazing lots to bid for provided by some of the most amazing talents in the wedding industry, alongside some awesome raffle prizes.

So, if you would like the chance to bid for this once in a life-time magical wedding in Cornwall, or you know someone who would love a wedding like this but can’t afford it, get ready to start bidding!

Anyone can bid from around the world using the online auction facility.

If you would like to donate a prize to the raffle please contact Danielle here.

Emma always wanted a dream wedding and is so happy that she is part of making that dream come true for a lucky couple out there, somewhere…..

And if you’re not getting married, but you would like to donate towards Emma’s treatments please do so by following this link.

Thankyou! once again to everyone who is helping to maintain Emma’s precious life with us! You have absolutely no idea what it means to us. May you all be blessed….

Sue x

From a Room with a View….

My last blog asked everyone to join in our prayers of love and healing for Emma. What a beauty-full and serene energy filled her room and cradled her as you all sent your love… She was and still is ‘in the arms of Angels’.

Thankyou Dave Phillips for arranging that event – it was joined by many, many people around the globe. Emma is sooooo loved.

During that week Emma continued to have seizures and the medical teams around her became more and more baffled as they carried on ‘upping’ her medication. The seizures did abate but the hallucinations grew terrifying, which were brought on by the combination of medications (explained to me by a Devon doctor who was the third person called out during the night on Sunday 15th May)..

After a harrowing 48 hours of no sleep and Emma literally trying to crawl the walls to escape from the horrors that only she could see, the district nurse turned up and discussed with us about Emma going into St Luke’s Hospice here in Plymouth – just for a few days, to get her medication and hallucinations under control. Danni and I knew that Emma had begged us to never let her end up in a hospice, so we had a real dilemma. However, once Em had calmed down a little she agreed to go into the hospice ‘just for a few days!’ 

We arrived at St Luke’s Monday afternoon on 16th May. The staff were waiting to welcome Em and soon got her settled. Within 2 days the hallucinations had practically stopped, her medication is more balanced now and Emma is eating and drinking really well. She’s even been out in the wheelchair with Danni and Dave and had a tour of the hospice, inside and out! 

So, while I’ve been the silent sentinel by Emma’s side (I stayed here with her) I’ve been having a few conversations with the staff…. It seems that the day that the nursing care kicked in.. Was it only 2 weeks ago?!… It was documented that she was given 24 hours to live. The seizures were really bad, she couldn’t stop vomiting….

I am here to say that Emma most definitely hasn’t given up on life and living. She is determined to go home on Monday, and outwardly she is getting stronger by the day…

To me, this is yet another miracle in the string…. Here’s to many more! 

Much love

Sue X

In the Arms of the Angels….

Today is a magical day, even the astrology says so… My friend Alison Chester-Lambert  alerted me to this fact this morning.

Was it only Friday when I spoke to Dave in Tamworth who offered to create an event to send healing/love/prayers to Emma? (Where has the weekend gone?) We randomly chose 11:11 am, which is less than 3 hours away as I write this.

So many people around the world have joined this circle and will be with us between 11:00-11:30 to radiate this beam of Love to Emma.

Over the last few days in particular Emma has been in so much pain that it’s really hurting  us to breathe – to watch what’s happening to her…. and she is being so ‘Emma’- so brave….

Last night in a very clear and lucid moment she asked to speak to Danni and myself to allow her to get some things off her chest that had been really troubling her… stuff that she shouldn’t have to carry on her shoulders, burdens that others had put there… but she has, because that’s what she does. She told us all about her ‘special day’ and what it should look and feel like. She also shared that she wished she could have had her wedding day, but didn’t get round to it this time. I told her to make sure she comes back as a princess next time and have it all…she certainly deserves it!

So today, let’s make use of this amazing energy in the skies that is aligning perfectly for Emma. This magical portal is either going to take her home or bring her back healed, whichever way it goes she is so definitely being held by Angels right now.

Please listen to Lee Harris’s version of ‘Angel’ at 11:11 and send your love on that magical wave that is surrounding Emma.

So much Love

Sue x


“… I know this much is true…”

Hello again.Emma true

As I lie here cradling my firstborn, Emma, after she’s just finished vomiting for the umpteenth time over the last 2 days, I am reminded of when she was born – when she needed me to do everything for her, trusting me to keep her safe and nurtured.

The same love I felt for her back then, almost 35 years ago, surges through me now.

As I hold her head over the toilet, or bucket – if she can’t get to the bathroom in time- and rub her back, I tell her once more how it’s all going to be ok (I truly believe it is!).

It’s amazing how that unconditional mothering instinct takes over – it doesn’t go anywhere, just sits patiently in the wings, waiting until one of your children needs it.

So, we’ve been nestled in a beautiful Welsh hill/mountain since Friday night, escaping from the bombardment of sound penetrating the walls of our home as our next-door neighbours renovate their newly bought flat so that it’s ready for them to rent out. The constant drilling, banging and sanding has been torture for Em and we just had to get her away from it. The lovely Oshi Ow
of Felin Fields came to our rescue and gifted us an amazing cottage for the week. It’s had it’s challenges, but it’s been a wonderful gift. Thankyou so much Oshi!

The pain that Emma experiences on a daily basis would bring us mere mortals to our knees, yet she deals with it – between the bouts of vomiting. The pressure in her head is sometime unbearable, and yet she bears it.

She asks me: “How long do I have to put up with this pain mum?” I don’t know what to say… 😥

As I began writing this blog she said:

“I’ve got an old song playing in  my head. It goes “…. this much is true…” I could hear it too, but it just wouldn’t materialize – so I googled the lyrics and we listened to Spandau Ballet’s “True” on YouTube.

Something in that song released something for Em and she sobbed.

“…..this is the sound of my soul…”

“… you know this much is true…”

and strangely the reason I felt compelled to write this bog today is somehow wrapped around the words of that song.

“Why do I find it hard to write the next line..oh I want the truth to be said…”

For some time now I have been made aware that people (who may, or may not have donated to Emma’s fund) have been expressing a desire to know where the funding money  that has already been donated has gone.

You may not be aware that one of the many facets of my portfolio is book-keeping, and I have kept meticulous records of every penny that has been donated and how it has helped with Emma’s well-being. If you would like to know where the funds have been spent, please ask me.  I have no problem sharing that information with you.

I had intended to write up a daily record of everything it costs to maintain Emma’s health but you know what, I have more important things to do right now, like holding up my daughter’s head as she vomits again….

Whilst I am writing this blog I would also like to share some good news, and thank all of you who donated towards Emma having a private MRI scan – the Universe took it out of our hands and our family doctor came up with the goods. I did mention in the blog where I asked for your help that I was waiting to hear from her. She didn’t believe the radiologist would agree to scan Emma if she didn’t agree to have chemo, but they did agree – and Emma is booked in for a scan next week!

I totally understand if you would like me to refund your donation towards a private scan – please private message me and I will arrange that, minus the percentage that GoFundMe took out of it as a handling fee.

For those of you who continue to trust me to use your donations for Emma’s well-being, i don’t know what else to say except a heart-felt Thank You! – again!!! We are so grateful for your continued support.

It took me a few goes to write this today as Em is vomiting a LOT! and the pressure in her head is building and becoming more pronounced than usual – we’re just hoping that the Homeopathic Remedies so kindly donated by the lovely Jenny are bringing on a healing crisis.

I posted on Facebook yesterday asking for recommendations for natural remedies for the sickness and a number of people said acupuncture, so we’re looking into a local practitioner here until we can get Emma home.

Once again- Thank You. Our gratitude is immense!

Sue x